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Our Mission

Connecting our unique jewellery finds with your wardrobe. That is why we started Maison Maeva. Some off you already shop your wardrobe in our vintage shop Mokumokum. And now we give you the chance to finish that look off with our jewelries. Our passion starts with the never-ending search for undiscovered treasures. We will find you that ring which will be sparkling around your fingers. Or that earring that will make you look stunning. And the good thing is, is that you can also find your perfect accessories at Maison Maeva. 

We are there for your daily wardrobe or just for those special moments.

Our love for the timeless and affordable, leads to a carefully selected range jewellery and accessories. Your moment of happiness while wearing the perfect jewellery, that is what we do it for.

Come and visit our store
You can visit our pop-up corner inside the Vintage store Mokumokum at the city centre of Amsterdam.
See you soon!
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  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Physical shop to try & talk
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